Honey Eyes

There’s this band I really love called Punchline. I started going to their shows when I was a teenager in the early 2000s and because I’m a giant dork my mom would often come along with me. Mom was cool like that and she loved Punchline too.

When we found out Mom had cancer I commissioned her a song from Punchline’s singer Steve Soboslai through this website called Downwrite. It came out amazing. She loved it. I bought her an iPod Touch and she listened to it constantly (when she wasn’t listening to Good Mourning – she wasn’t great at working the music app and Alkaline Trio didn’t take much scrolling to get to.)

I’ve wanted to share the song Steve wrote her for a while but it’s such an incredibly personal thing for me that just writing this post about it is hard. I don’t know how much it will mean to other people but it means so much to me. Here it is:

Punchline has a Kickstarter campaign ending today to fund filming a documentary and a live show. I pitched in and I hope you will too.